Solving Java Memory Leaks Live Class

Solving Java Memory Leaks Live Class

Solving Java Memory Leaks Live Class

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Stop those leaks before the OutOfMemoryError hurts you

It’s an amazing piece of technology in that it allows developers to allocate a segly infinite amount of memory. The reality is that under the covers, the JVM is working on reclaiming all memory that is no longer in use. If the JVM is unable to recover memory, our application will fail with a dreaded OutOfMemoryError.

This workshop will cover several common scenarios that can cause the JVM to fail with an OutOfMemoryError. We’ll explore tooling and methods that can be used to diagnose the cause of an OutOfMemoryError. Finally, this is a workshop meaning you’ll go toe to toe with several applications that are failing with an OutOfMemoryError. Topics that will be covered include;

Overview of Java heap

Allocations in Java heap

GC basics with Mark and Sweep

Normal life cycle of a Java object

Common causes of OutOfMemoryError

Anatomy of a memory leak

Tools for detecting memory leaks

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