SVS – Beathing Life into your Character Designs

SVS - Beathing Life into your Character Designs

Breathe some life into your character designs!

Four teachers in one day explaining concepts and challenging each other on the topic of character design. This class is designed to help artists draw compelling characters which form the basis of any great story.

This class also includes a special “First Steps” session taught by Shane Lewis, a Disney artist who has worked on many video games including most recently Disney Infinity. Shane will walk you through the important steps of thinking and writing about your character that need to take place before you even start drawing.

This class is packed with over 8 solid hours of character design instruction, demonstration, and advice!

In this class you will learn:

  • How to start with a written description of a character
  • How to go through the process of character creation
  • Important design principles
  • How to get a good gesture
  • How to exaggerate from life
  • How to apply a shape language to your characters
  • How proportion effects your character design
  • How to use perspective to draw believable characters
  • How to draw your character in action
  • How to give your character emotion and expressions

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