SVS – Begining Photoshop

SVS - Begining Photoshop

Time to get Digital

This is a fundamental Photoshop course designed specifically for people who want to learn to paint in Photoshop but who have never used Photoshop before. The video lessons are broken down into short simple segments demonstrating a few tools. Will uses Photoshop CC in the videos but the lessons and tools apply to PS5 and PS6 as well. This video is designed to give you the foundation you need so you can begin to learn more advanced techniques in other tutorials.

This is a pre-recorded class and is ready to download right now. The frog drawing comes in a download so you can follow along – it is found at the bottom of the streaming player window. Run time approx. 2 hrs 33 min.

In this class you will learn:

  • Setting up your workstation
  • Opening and sizing a document
  • Opening a scanned pencil sketch
  • How to use the layers pallet
  • Navigating with the hand, rotation, canvas size
  • How to edit images/ smart images
  • Brushes, opacity, flow, shape dynamics, transfer
  • Color swatches, color pallet
  • Painting assets on different layers for animation
  • Painting start to finish

Materials needed:

 To learn to paint in photoshop you will need Photoshop CS5, CS6, or CC, a graphics tablet like Wacom Intuos or graphics monitor like Wacom Cintiq. There are many brands of monitors and tablets to chose from. SVSLearn suggests looking at reviews before you buy.


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