SVS – Introduction to Prop Design

SVS - Introduction to Prop Design

Prop design is an often overlooked skill. This course covers the basics, from proportions to design harmony. By the end you’ll feel confident designing any prop for your stories.

When you experience any visual story, whether it’s animation, video games, children’s books, or comics, your mind has been trained to emotionally bond with the character and the situation they are in. The story focuses on who the characters are, where they are, and what they need to accomplish. Props are there to support all of that, and in some cases be central to the story. Props help sell the characters and situations. Even if they’re a background garnish, thought and care needs to be taken in their design to enhance the overall experience of the story.

The purpose of this course is to teach you the thought process and craft of designing a prop from start to finish. So that by the end of this course you can confidently design a set of props that support a story and feel like they belong together.

Through this course Jake will demonstrate the principles he teaches by designing a series of props for his character Skull Chaser.

Students will finish this course with a finished prop sheet of at least 5 props.


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