SVS – Light and Shadow for Illustrators

SVS - Light and Shadow for Illustrators

Work alongside professional children’s book illustrator Lee White as he demonstrates his approach for adding light and shadow to 6 unique scenarios.

Note: For this course Lee uses Adobe Photoshop in his demonstrations and shares some tricks to use when working digitally. The concepts taught in this course do not rely on any specific medium. If you are not going to work digitally for this course it is recommended that you use an opaque medium (acrylic, oil, marker and colored pencil, etc).

In this class you will learn:

  • What local tone is
  • How dark to go with shadows and where to place them
  • The difference between form and cast shadows
  • Edge control, including how to use hard, firm, soft and lost edges
  • Problem areas when it comes to adding light and shadow and how to correct them
  • How to avoid adding too much light
  • How to use light and shadow with different styles

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