Techworld With Nana – DevOps Bootcamp Updated 7-2021

Techworld With Nana - DevOps Bootcamp Updated 7-2021

Techworld With Nana – DevOps Bootcamp Updated 7-2021

Techworld With Nana - DevOps Bootcamp Updated 7-2021

By the end of this course, you’ll know the DevOps concepts…

✅ Version Control (GitOps)

✅ Cloud Concepts

✅ Repository Management

✅ Containers

✅ Container Orchestration

✅ Build Automation

✅ Continuous Integration

✅ Continuous Deployment/Delivery

✅ AWS Concepts

✅ Infrastructure as Code

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31 thoughts on “Techworld With Nana – DevOps Bootcamp Updated 7-2021

  1. Not able to download , getting advertisments sites .

    Can you please share it on Torrent or other well knowen sharing site ?

  2. Hi Team,
    I downloaded it from Torrent but I still do n’t see prometheus , are you going to upload it soon ?

  3. Hi.The new torrent link doesn’t include new ”Prometheus Module”.Neither it has Ansible Module.
    Amount of videos till the inclusion of Prometheus should be 245.
    It would be really fantastic if @Techguru_44 and his friends provide the latest update.Thanks in advance!!!

    1. These update was from july 2021, we know its doesnot include those latest modules, just go through what we have on the torrent, when the lastest files will be available we will update the course with latest files,

  4. Didn’t get torrent file, i got exe file and antivirus is blocking that exe from installing. If there is any direct link to download torrent file share it here..

  5. Unable to install exe downloaded from linkvertise website. It is getting blocked by inbuilt antivirus and thirdparty antivirus programs

  6. Hi ,
    Can you upload the exercise zip to legit file sharing site
    Non of the users is able to download it from the site you used

    You can upload it and add password that you can share here
    For the last 5 days I’m trying to download it with no success

    1. It’s not very hard to get the download the link from the site we have uploaded, it pretty straightforward, even if we have upload files to wetransfer you get the files, What we get in return? Nothing!

      From drop galaxy we get some commision

      hope you understand

      Coursesghar team

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