The Complete Product Management Fundamentals Course

The Complete Product Management Fundamentals Course

The Complete Product Management Fundamentals Course

This Course we are sharing with you is The Complete Product Management Fundamentals Course free download link. This is a premium product and you will get it free on here. CoursesGhar was made to help people like graphic designers, video creators, web developers, freelancers, filmmakers, etc. On our website, you will find lots of premium assets free like Free-course/tutorials, Tutorials and Tech News, Udemy Premium Courses, and Much Much More.

Product Management Essentials and Product Management Fundamentals to become a PM

Product Management Essentials & Fundamentals

Agile Essentials & Fundamentals

Agile Principles and Techniques

What you need to know to become a Product Manager

Product Management Skills

Product Management Tools

How to kick-start your career in Product Management

Key Product Management Concepts

Product Roadmapping


Metrics & Analytics

Market Research

Stakeholder Management

Job Market & Opportunities

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An open mind and a willingness to learn.No prep work or previous knowledge required.

The Complete Product Management Fundamentals Course + CERTIFICATION is a comprehensive Product Management Training that has been designed to help you master the most important concepts, tools and techniques in Product Management.

Whether you’re preparing for a Product Management interview, getting ready to launch your career in Product Management or exploring the fascinating world of Product Management this course has been designed from the ground up with a focus on quality, solid fundamentals & the most important aspects any Product Manager needs to consider.

We will unpack key Product Management concepts, you’ll see real world examples of Product Management in action & you’ll hear directly from successful Product Managers. But we’ll go beyond that into tools that Product Managers use in their role as well as the tips & tricks that characterize successful Product Managers.

My name is Mauricio and I’m a Product Manager, but like a good Product Manager I’m used to wearing many hats. I manage my own Products now reaching over half a million customers worldwide. I also coach and mentor other Product Managers, regularly answer Product Management questions on Quora and have helped many companies successfully launch their own products.

But most importantly, Product Management is part of my daily life where I lead Agile teams to regularly launch new product features, new product lines and even new products and services. So I understand what it takes to excel in the job and I will teach you everything I know about it. No catch and I’m not going to hold back. On the contrary, I will openly share with you what has worked for me and what hasn’t and will even walk you through some of my own products.

If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I’m here to help you and I will do everything in my power to ensure you become an outstanding Product Manager. This course, is only the bning. By the you complete it, I will share with you free additional educational resources to continue strengthening your Product Management skills.


Why you’re here

You understand that being a Product Manager puts you in a position of HUGE POTENTIAL

You understand that Product Managers have massive salaries & would like to get into this amazing role

You want to explore more about Product Management

You’re curious about Product Management

You’ve heard about Product Management but you don’t really know what it is or what it entails

Somebody recommended this course to you

A colleague at the office said this is a must take course for you

You want to ace your next Product Management Interview

You want to step with confidence into a new Product Management role

You want to learn from others who have walked the path & can share valuable insights and information

You want to leverage on the templates, resources, vast expertise and experience from a seasoned Product Manager

You’re a Creator but need Product Management training to ensure you’re products are successful in the market

You’re about to step into the role of a Product Manager but don’t know exactly what to expect or how you’ll handle it

You want to transition from your current role into Product Management

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