The Ultimate Guide to Illustration From Beginner to Intermediate

The Ultimate Guide to Illustration From Beginner to Intermediate

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Product Details Hello, My name is Inhyuk Lee.

I am an illustrator, and the concept artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2012, I’ve worked with Marvel, DC Comics, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW, and other public publishers.
In this class, I would like to teach the basics of character illlustration, from the first sketch to the final finish, using digital techniques.

For over a decade, I have been teaching students and I am well aware of the struggles they face when drawing a character.

Many beginners believe that they need to fully understand the human anatomy to successfully draw a character; however, it is not true. In this class, you will be able to establish a solid understanding of the foundations of drawing.

Every drawing begins with the simple understanding of the geometry shapes. From the shapes, we can construct human figures, animals, objects – in fact anything. Once you understand the basic principles you will be able to draw any complex figures.

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