Tony Robbins – Robbins-Madanes Coach Training

Tony Robbins _ Cloe Madanes - Robbins-Madanes Coach Training

Name ProductTony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Robbins Madanes Coach Training
AuthorTony Robbins & Cloe Madanes
Size: 9 GB


Experience the legendary “transformation sessions” that take place when Anthony Robbins invites individual participants on stage at a live event to resolve his or her most difficult challenges. Have you ever experienced a crisis? Blocked communication in a relationship? A tough decision? A financial disaster? Here you will find breakthrough strategies and solutions for overcoming the problems that confront us all. These live, uncut Robbins’ interventions feature a play-by-play analysis by world-renowned systemic thinker and teacher of psychotherapy, Cloé Madanes. Just watching these films once can bring about massive change. Experience and share the magic of these sessions never before seen outside of Robbins’ live events.

Ultimate Relationship Program (Earn 27.5 CE Credits)
Film Tri-Pack (Earn 9.25 CE Credits)
Love & Passion: The Ultimate Relationship Program
Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times Of Crisis
Reclaiming Your True Identity: The Power Of Vulnerability
Conquering Overwhelming Loss: Rediscovering A Compelling Future
Finding Your True Passion: The Power of Honesty in Action
Back from the Edge: Creating Everlasting Love
Relationship Storms: Man Enough to Stay the Course

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