[Free] Amazon Web Services (Aws) Certified 2022 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Amazon Web Services (Aws) Certified 2022

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Learn AWS, Cloud computing, Data storage, DevOps, Machine learning, Sysops, Cloud migration

What you’ll learn
Learn how to sign up to Amazon Web Service to get hands-on AWS service available today
Learn how to use a command-line interface for this tool, creating a website and finally building windows and Linux servers
you will get to learn about all the important topics that are required to implement and work with the AWS infrastructure
This course that will help the trainees to get an overview of the cloud services

There is no prerequisite to take this AWS training course but need knowledge of Cloud computing, Networking, Security and storage. Basic Linux Commands. The AWS IT Infrastructure has been developed and managed according to the good security practices, certifications, and IT security standards levels. This AWS certification course includes prior knowledge of machine learning basic Linux commands along with Java programming required. Linux is the main choice for using an Infrastructure – as – a -Service. Knowledge of virtualization is required as it runs multiple operating systems within a single machine. We should have a basic understanding of IT services and their benefits in the AWS Cloud platform and Linux CLI.

Amazon launched AWS, they provide complete Cloud Functionality. AWS is completely Platform Independent and no knowledge in Operating System is required. There are many scenarios where AWS isn’t an option. There are many AWS use cases: A small manufacturing Organization can use his expertise and expand his business through reproduction where leading IT management to AWS. A large enterprise spread across the globe. Architecture construction prototypes. Media company provides different types of contact (video, audio) to worldwide customers.Based on the concept of Pay -As-you-Go AWS provides us with the speed of service that customers can use when required and without any long-time requirement. The platform enables customers to procure services from such as Development Platforms, computing, Networking, Database storage, programming Models. The distributed IT Infrastructure provided through AWS has emerged with time, Through the lessons learned over 16 years of experience. AWS completely listens to its customer feedback which enables the AWS team to efficiently deliver creative features and services.Even today AWS frequently hone its Operational expertise continually to retain Lasting reliability by employing its advances and industry practices into cloud infrastructure. When talking about Cost -Effectiveness They have no upfront investment or long-term commitment and minimum expense. This is its significant advantage when compared to the traditional IT infrastructure. Through AWS techniques such as Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing can automatically scan resources. They scale up the required resources to fill up the demand when the demands fall without affecting speed and performance. As a result, any organization enjoys the benefits of reduced cost and customer satisfaction.AWS provides end – to -end security and privacy policy to its customers. Its virtual Infrastructure offers optimum availability while managing the full privacy of customers and isolation of their operations. Customers can expect high physical security, and this is due to Amazon ‘s several years of experience in designing, developing and running large scaled IT enterprises. AWS strictly controls, supervises and audits physical access to data center networksHere are some of the skills you will consider as most important when hiring employees and to build a career:In this AWS course you will learn how to sign up to Amazon Web Service to get hands-on AWS service available today secondly how to use a command-line interface for this tool, creating a website and finally building windows and Linux servers.For cloud Support engineers the tangible skills required are networking, Java, technical support and network administrator.AWS cloud Admin requires tangible skills in AWS (certification is mandatory for the professional level of AWS).For larger data analysis in Amazon, you require Hadoop skills to build around the technology. Part of AIC is looking for architects they are experienced technologists with technical depth. You will learn some services which are widely used today: they are EC2, RDS, VPC, S3.By Continuous delivery approaches, skills covered are cloud computing, IT, Web services
Section 1: AWS Amazon Web Services Cloud 2022
Lecture 1 Introduction to AWS – Cloud Computing
Lecture 2 Introduction to AWS – Cloud Computing Continue
Lecture 3 Launching a Server
Lecture 4 Launching a Server Continues
Lecture 5 Adding Tags
Lecture 6 Launching a Windows Instance
Lecture 7 Data storage Using S3
Lecture 8 Data storage Using S3 Continues
Lecture 9 AWS – EBS
Lecture 10 Running Instance
Lecture 11 Terminate Instances
Lecture 12 RDS and Dynamo DB Overview
Lecture 13 Delete DB Instance
Lecture 14 AWS – EFS Demo

Lecture 15 More on AWS – EFS Demo
Lecture 16 S3 Java API
Lecture 17 More on S3 Java API
Lecture 18 Dynamo DB Java API
Lecture 19 Dynamo DB Java API Continues
Lecture 20 Connecting to RDS – MySql
Lecture 21 My SQL Driver

Lecture 22 S3 using CLI
Lecture 23 S3 using CLI Continues
Lecture 24 AWS – Syn Command

Lecture 25 Amazon DynamoDB Using
Lecture 26 Amazon DynamoDB Using Continue
Lecture 27 Amazon RDS Using CL
Lecture 28 Amazon RDS Using CL Continue

Lecture 29 More on Amazon RDS Using CL
Lecture 30 Static website Using S3
Lecture 31 AWS – Set Permission
Lecture 32 Point your Domain to S3 Static Website
Lecture 33 Point your Domain to S3 Static Website Continues

Lecture 34 Name Servers
Lecture 35 Create Record Set
Lecture 36 Security Pre Work
Lecture 37 IAM in AWS

Lecture 38 IAM in AWS Continues
Lecture 39 Creating New User
Lecture 40 Storage C3

Lecture 41 AWS – MFA in AWS
Lecture 42 AWS – MFA in AWS Continues
Lecture 43 Source Vs Destination
Lecture 44 Infrastructure as Code
Lecture 45 Infrastructure as Code Continues
Lecture 46 Resources Name – AWSCF Bucket
Lecture 47 Deployment Cloud Formation
Lecture 48 Changing Access Control
Lecture 49 Key Name – Key Val

Lecture 50 Deployment Elastic Beanstalk
Lecture 51 Creating Sample ENV
Lecture 52 Deployment Ops Works Demo
Lecture 53 Cloud Front Demo

Lecture 54 Cloud Front Demo Continues
Lecture 55 Security Groups
Lecture 56 More on Security Groups
Lecture 57 Creating a VPC

Lecture 58 Virtual Private Cloud
Lecture 59 Elastic IP
Lecture 60 Allocate New Address

Lecture 61 ELB Demo
Lecture 62 ELB Demo Continues

Lecture 63 Elastic Map Reduce
Lecture 64 Amazon Cluster Running
This AWS certification is best suited for IT developers, Sysops administrators Basic knowledge of any programming language, but this AWS training course can be taken by any user who is interested in AWS. And people who are interested in facing highly scalable, fault tolerance applications on the cloud. People who are interested in deploying the application on AWS. DevOps requires System administrators and developers as the intended audience. The student completes a project using various services of AWS. AWS training course educates students to greatly learn cloud-related learning to help entrepreneurs, research in the future. They guide AWS architecture at best practices.

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