[Free] Mental Wellness: Stress, Mindfulness & Resilience ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mental Wellness Stress, Mindfulness & Resilience

Mental Wellness: Stress, Mindfulness & Resilience

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A scientific and practical approach.
What you’ll learn
Understand the different types of stress and their effects on the body
Be able to use techniques such as mindfulness practice to manage stress
Know the steps to take to increase their resilience and to overcome stress
Be able to implement an action plan to make changes in their lifestyle to increase resilience and regulate stress

Be conversant in the use of English language equivalent to the level of a GCSE education

In this course, you will be learning about these 3 concepts: Stress, Mindfulness and Resilience, from both scientific and practical perspectives. Once you understand these 3 concepts well, you will be able to apply them meaningfully to your life so that they can support you whenever you are facing stress.Mindfulness for stress reduction and regulation is a powerful technique.

Its use is not limited to stress reduction, but it can be the foundation for installing good, positive habits including that of resilience.More importantly, once you understand resilience, nurturing your resilience is the best protection from the harmful effects of stress.

Learn what is resilience, understand what resources can support it, and the kind of behaviours that will nurture it. Besides being positive, what are the kind of habits and attitudes that will encourage you to be resilient.

What kind of behaviours does resilience support, so that you can recognize resilience in yourself and in those around you.By the end of this course, you will attain the following:· Learn how stress affect your body and your health· Learn to make use of mindfulness practice and other aids to regulate stress level.

How resilience can make a difference to the way you cope with stress· The qualities that constitute resilience· Steps you can take to help yourself to be more resilient· Behaviours that indicate a person is indeed resilient· Develop an action plan that is resilient and aligned with your life objectives

Section 1: Part 1 : A Practical Understanding of Stress
Lecture 1 Opening video
Lecture 2 1.1 Introduction
Lecture 3 1.2 Updated concept of stress

Lecture 4 1.3 The stress response
Lecture 5 1.4 Effect of stress
Section 2: Part 2: Practice of Mindfulness

Lecture 6 2.1 Introduction
Lecture 7 2.2 Practice of mindfulness and its effects
Lecture 8 2.3 Benefits of mindfulness

Lecture 9 2.4 Neuroscience of mindfulness
Section 3: Part 3: Resilience
Lecture 10 3.1 Introduction

Lecture 11 3.2 Resilience in traumatic stress
Lecture 12 3.3 Post-trauma growth
Section 4: Part 4: Conclusion

Lecture 13 Your post-action plan
Lecture 14 Closing video
For counsellors and coaches who wants an indepth knowledge of stress to help their clients better,For individuals who wish to help themselves or someone they know who have challenges with managing stress in their lives

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