[Free] Google Sheets – Beginner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Google Sheets - Beginner

Google Sheets – Beginner

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Designed to teach students the fundamentals of Google Sheets.
What you’ll learn
Import and Convert Spreadsheets to Sheets
Navigate the Sheets User Interface
Use the File Menu
Creating & Saving a Spreadsheet

Cells and Ranges
Formatting Values
Autofill Handle
Inserting Links

Creating Basic Formulas
Sharing a Spreadsheet
Inserting a Chart
Formatting a Chart

Basic computer skills

This Intellezy course, taught by Ed McCrae, is designed to teach the student the basic fundamentals of Google Sheets. This course is the first course in a two-part series. The optional continuation of this course is Google Sheets – Advanced.

Google Sheets is one of the most widely used programs in GSuite. In this course, students will learn how to create, save, and enter data in Google Sheets. Students will also learn how to review, polish, and print spreadsheets properly using a variety of options. Students will also learn how to create formulas and use functions to calculate in Sheets.

Additionally, students will learn how to format spreadsheets, manipulate columns and rows, as well as prepare a spreadsheet for printing. Students will also learn how to create and format charts, insert various graphics and images, and find self-service help options and information on thousands of other topics and features that are available.

Like most of our courses, closed caption subtitles are available for this course in: Arabic, English, Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Spanish (Latin America), Hindi, and FrenchWith nearly 10,000 training videos available for desktop applications, technical concepts, and business skills that comprise hundreds of courses, Intellezy has many of the videos and courses you and your workforce needs to stay relevant and take your skills to the next level.

Our video content is engaging and offers assessments that can be used to test knowledge levels pre and/or post course. Our training content is also frequently refreshed to keep current with changes in the software.

This ensures you and your employees get the most up-to-date information and techniques for success. And, because our video development is in-house, we can adapt quickly and create custom content for a more exclusive approach to software and computer system roll-outs.

This course aligns with the CAP Body of Knowledge and should be approved for 2.75 recertification points under the Technology and Information Distribution content area. Email

with proof of completion of the course to obtain your certificate.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Getting Started with Google Sheets

Lecture 2 What is Google Sheets?
Lecture 3 Opening Google Sheets
Lecture 4 Importing and Converting Spreadsheets to Sheets

Lecture 5 Navigating the Sheets User Interface
Lecture 6 Understanding Sheet Components
Lecture 7 Using the File Menu

Lecture 8 Creating a Spreadsheet
Lecture 9 Saving a Spreadsheet
Lecture 10 Accessing Help

Section 3: Entering Data
Lecture 11 Navigating a Spreadsheet by Mouse or Keyboard
Lecture 12 Working with Cell and Ranges

Lecture 13 Using Various Data Selection Techniques
Lecture 14 Working with Common Sheet Commands
Lecture 15 Working with Copy and Paste

Lecture 16 Understanding Data Types
Lecture 17 Formatting Values
Lecture 18 Using Autofill Handle

Lecture 19 Inserting Links
Section 4: Understanding Formula Basics
Lecture 20 What are Formulas and Functions?

Lecture 21 Understanding the Components of a Formula
Lecture 22 Understanding Calculation Hierarchy and the Order of Operations
Lecture 23 Creating Basic Formulas

Lecture 24 Working with Basic Functions and Autosum
Lecture 25 Using Cell References
Lecture 26 Using Explore

Section 5: Formatting a Spreadsheet
Lecture 27 Formatting and Aligning Data
Lecture 28 Modifying Columns and Rows

Lecture 29 Using Borders and Fill
Lecture 30 Using Paint Format
Lecture 31 Inserting Notes or Comments

Lecture 32 Inserting Checkboxes
Lecture 33 Applying a Theme
Section 6: Managing Spreadsheets

Lecture 34 Using Zoom Tools
Lecture 35 Working with Sheets
Lecture 36 Working with Spreadsheet Tabs

Lecture 37 Hiding and Unhiding Spreadsheets
Lecture 38 Sorting Sheets Data
Lecture 39 Filtering Sheets Data

Lecture 40 Using Filter Views
Lecture 41 Using Freeze Panes
Section 7: Printing a Spreadsheet

Lecture 42 Using Find and Replace
Lecture 43 Using Spell Check
Lecture 44 Preparing a Spreadsheet for Printing

Lecture 45 Changing Spreadsheet Settings
Lecture 46 Finalizing Printing
Lecture 47 Downloading and Emailing Files

Lecture 48 Sharing a Spreadsheet
Section 8: Creating Charts
Lecture 49 Inserting a Chart

Lecture 50 Formatting a Chart
Lecture 51 Moving and Sizing a Chart
Lecture 52 Creating a Scorecard Chart

Section 9: Working with Graphics
Lecture 53 Inserting Images
Lecture 54 Creating Drawings

Section 10: Conclusion
Lecture 55 Course Recap
Section 11: Assessment Quiz
Anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of Google Sheets

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