Learn C++ Object Oriented Programming The Easy Way

Learn C++ Object Oriented Programming The Easy Way

Learn C++ Object Oriented Programming The Easy Way

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BONUS! Learn what need to become a complete C++ developer
What you’ll learn
BONUS MATERIAL Learn C++ Programming from Bner to Advanced
Learn latest C++ 20, OOP programming paradigms
Learn about C++ Classes
What are C++ Class Members

Understand C++ Constructors
Learn about C++ Access Modifiers and how to apply them in your program
Understand C++ Properties
Learn about C++ Inheritance and how to apply it in your applications
Learn about C++ Polymorphism and how to apply it in your applications

Learn about C++ Abstraction and how to apply it in your applications
Learn about C++ Encapsulation and how to apply it in your applications
Learn how to handle C++ exceptions
Visual Studio 2019 Community version installed on your PC, Mac or Linux

Some knowledge in C++ or other programming languages
Why this course
Many C++ instructors will write a lot of code that could be defocusing when explaining C++ OOP. Not me, though, and I get straight to the subject’s point without misleading you and by using simple examples to get right to the end.
If you would like to learn the latest C++ 20 Object-Oriented Programming, this course is definitely for you. Another reason because I have put this course together is the simplicity and the constructivist teaching approach that I have towards the C++ Object Oriented Programming paradigm.

This course is what you need to understand C++ OOP thoroughly. It will further serve as the foundation of your knowledge to understand other programming languages such as Python, Java, C# and others.
The explanations and coding structure are straightforward to understand what is behind the Object-Oriented Programming concepts. However, the approach is applicable and will serve as an excellent base for your complex applications.
The course covers most of what you need from the C++ programming world.
Under this course you will learn the following;
C++ Classes
C++ Constructors and Destructors
C++ Functions/Methods

C++ Constructors
C++ Access Modifiers
C++ Abstraction
C++ Inheritance
C++ Polymorphism

C++ Handling Exceptions
OOP should be easy to learn and not presented as rocket science. OOP programming is the heart of modern programming, so don’t miss out on this course and understand what’s at stake and how to use your OOP knowledge effectively.
C++ Syntax
C++ Variables and Comments
C++ Mathematical operations with variables

C++ String concatenations
C++ String length and size
C++ Char – Access char in a string variable value
C++ Change Char within a string
C++ Reference ampersand & operator

C++ Pointers
C++ Date variable
C++ Constants
C++ Input operations
C++ Arithmetic operators
C++ Assignment operators

C++ Comparison operators
C++ Math functions
C++ If conditions
C++ Switch conditions
C++ While loop
C++ Do While loop

C++ For Loop
C++ Arrays
C++ 2D Arrays
C++ Multi-dimensional Arrays
C++ Vectors, general types
C++ Vectors in Vector Type

C++ Functions
C++ Passing default parameter to a function
C++ Return Functions
I hope you will enjoy the course as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Who this course is for
C++ Bners who wish to learn OOP to Advanced developers who wish to refresh and update their knowledge to latest C++ 20 standards

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