Learn Engineering Nanomaterials

Learn Engineering Nanomaterials

Learn Engineering Nanomaterials

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What you’ll learn
The learner will able to know the different nanomaterials, its classification, properties and applications at the end of this course.

Material ScienceBe able to read periodic table

The Challenge of developing new technology and materials For catering the needs of Modern society and industry can be fulfilled by Nanomaterials.;;As it play a key role in new material synthesis in short time.

So; that, keeping this objective in mind, the course has developed in five different sections; section 1 with respect to Introduction of the various Nanomaterials, it’s; properties viz, Mechanical properties, Optical Properties , Magnetic Properties and applications; Section-2 belongs Introduction of graphene, it’s properties and applications; Section-3; belongs to the Quantum dots; it’s properties,; types and applications are discussed here; in the section 4, carbon nanotubes, its types I e.

Single walled Carbon Nanotube and multi walled Carbon Nanotube s it’s properties and applications are thoroughly discussed and in the last section i.e section 5; ; General method of the synthesis of Nanomaterials are; explained. and the common application in different fields are also; discussed.

The different synthetic procedure, changing the Nanomaterials particle size and the dimensions of the elements shows excellent catalytic properties is one of the great significance of the Nanomaterials.

This course constitute the quiz on each section, assignment are also provided on few sections. Main Moto to develop cognitive skills, psychomotor skill the learner.

This course is very beneficial to the BSc, MSc., B.Tech / BE, ME/ MTech and Ph.D scholars too.
This course is free to all stakeholders.

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