[Free] Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2

Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2

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Create a complete Map Application using Google MAP API and Angular 2

What you’ll learn
Build a Complete Map App using Google APIs and Angular 2
Basic Knowledge of Angular 2 is assumed

Google Maps have simplified navigation and almost all websites these days
include Google Maps for contacting, or directions – helping users
find them. Do you want to learn how to add Google Maps to your own
website? Well, in this course you can!

In this short MapIt project based course, you will learn how to use the
Google Maps components for Angular 2 and incorporate a MapIt feature.
In this project, you will be able to search and pin locations using

Latitude and Longitude or simply by clicking on the location on the
Map. These pins will parse to Local Storage, so they will stay even
if you restart your applications.

what are you waiting for? Let’s SAY MAP!

Section 1: Course Intro
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Google MAP API

Lecture 2 Google Maps Setup
Lecture 3 Marker Display
Section 3: Front End Coding

Lecture 4 Map Functions & Events
Lecture 5 Add Marker Form
Section 4: Moving & Deleting Markers

Lecture 6 Marker Service & Local Storage
Lecture 7 Updating and Deleting Markers
Lecture 8 Bonus Lecture: More Interesting Stuff, Offers and Discounts

Student familiar with Angular but are looking for creating full application using it

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Before extracting our files updates your WinRAR and download all parts in the same locations then unzip it. if it protected with passwords then join our telegram group and ask there for the password. Thank you for downloading the Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2 If you face any kind of problem during download then kindly leave a comment. we will fix it as soon as possible.

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