Learn To Build Powerful AI Chatbots From Scratch Using RASA

Learn To Build Powerful AI Chatbots From Scratch Using RASA

Learn To Build Powerful AI Chatbots From Scratch Using RASA

What you’ll learn

  • Build conversational chatbots
  • Understand and learn about conversational interfaces and agents
  • Build chatbots using RASA
  • Building the future chatbots


  • Interest to learn


Remember Last time when you visit any crowded place like Metro or Railways etc . You must have seen long Queue . Just think ,Can you do something to transform their life ? Of course You can do . You can make any online portal ,So people can get information on single click . This can solve the problem of Queue but users need to understand User Interface . Lets think about chatbots , If you can make a chat bot or virtual assistance for this long queue .You can not only solve problem but transform the user experience.With chatbot they will start enjoying the conversation . Actually good designed chatbot gives human like feeling . I know you are too smart and quickly come to the point So You must be Thinking , How to build a chatbot ? Right !

If you love to read Tech magazines or Tech Blogs ( Chatbot related) on Internet , You must have heard about efforts of Top IT companies like IBM ,GOOGLE and Amazon etc in chat-bot development . Most of these companies have provided their own chat bot framework. Google has recently acquired API.AI . Google has changed its name by dialogflow . In the similar fashion , Amazon has Lex and Facebook has Wit.AI. Mostly these Platforms are cloud based. I can guess you doubt now . You must be thinking if there are so many NLU and chatbot development frameworks are already there then why to choose RASA ?

RASA stack is an open source AI tool . Being an opensource Framework, It is easy to customize . In fact , In many cases Clients do not want to share their data .As I have already told you , Others NLU are cloud based, They provide software as service . You can not run them internally in your environment. So you need to send your data to third party . With RASA , There is no such issue . You can deploy or host Rasa Internally in your server or environment.

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