Lost Boys Studio – Comp Career Prep Demo Reel Edit

Lostboysstudio - Comp - Career Prep - Demo Reel Edit

Lost Boys Studio – Comp Career Prep Demo Reel Edit

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Compositing is a vital part of the process in creating visual effects (VFX) for movies, TV, and animated productions. The Compositor combines elements filmed during production with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) created by other artists to blend them together seamlessly. Compositors also fix problems in the footage that occurred during filming, and find methods to enhance VFX shots to better match the director’s vision. All of the final pieces are assembled by Compositors, who can transform a shot into something spectacular that initially was not possible.

Career Prep
If you want a career in visual effects, not only do you need to know how to do shots, you also need to know how to get Jobs. Learn how to create a demo reel, breakdowns, portfolio site, manage your money, set goals, apply for jobs, and learn the dark art of soft studio skills.

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