[Free] Microsoft Sql Server 2022 Database Administration ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Microsoft Sql Server 2022 Database Administration

Microsoft Sql Server 2022 Database Administration

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What you’ll learn
How to install and configure SQL Server on a server as well in a docker container
How to manage instance level and database level security.
How to perform backups and restores
How to perform point-in-time restores
How to automate repetitive task with SQL Server Agent
How to perform vulnerability assessment
Troubleshooting and monitoring using logs and DMVs

No experience needed

This course has been designed to give the Knowlege and skill to become an expert SQL Server Database Administrator. If you want to become SQL database administrator, then this is the course for YOU.

Here is the course outline:Section

1 – IntroductionIntroductionWhat is SQL ServerSection

2 – Setting Up Your EnvironmentSQL Server EditionsInstalling SQL Server 2022Install Management StudioSQL Server Configuration ManagerWorking With SQL Server in DockerSection

3 – Database Creation & ConfigurationSQL Server System DatabasesDatabase Storage StrategiesCapacity and growth considerationsConfiguring Model DatabaseCreating a DatabaseSQL Server contained databaseSection

4 – Securing Your SQL ServerManaging Users & LoginManaging Contained UsersImplementing Instance-Level SecurityImplementing Database-Level SecuritySQL Server Audit SpecificationsConfiguring Server and Database AuditData Discovery & ClassificationSQL Vulnerability AssessmentSection

5: Backup & RestoreIntroduction to Backup and RestoreUnderstanding Recovery ModelsHow to Perform Full BackupsHow to Perform Differential BackupTransaction log backupsPerforming RecoveryBackup StrategiesSection

6: Automating Maintenance RoutinesWhat is SQL Server Job AgentAutomating Processes with SQL Server AgentConfiguring and Sending Database MailAutomating Database BackupsSection

Performance & MonitoringReviewing Server LogsExposing Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)Using database console commands (DBCC)Who this course is for:Anyone who wants to start a career in SQL database administrationAnyone who wants to have complete SQL database training to get a job in ITAnyone who wants to advance his/her careerCollege students looking to pursue database administration IT Infrastructure Professionals

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is SQL Server
Section 2: Setting Up Your Environment
Lecture 3 SQL Server Editions

Lecture 4 Installing SQL Server 2022
Lecture 5 Installing Management Studio
Lecture 6 SQL Server Configuration Manager

Lecture 7 Working With SQL Server in Docker
Section 3: Database Creation & Configuration
Lecture 8 SQL Server System Databases
Lecture 9 Database Storage strategies

Lecture 10 Capacity and growth considerations
Lecture 11 Configuring Model Database
Lecture 12 Creating a Database

Lecture 13 SQL Server contained database
Section 4: Securing Your SQL Server
Lecture 14 Managing Users & Login
Lecture 15 Demo: Managing Users & Logins
Lecture 16 Managing Contained Users
Lecture 17 Implementing Instance-Level Security

Lecture 18 Implementing Database-Level Security
Lecture 19 SQL Server Audit Specifications
Lecture 20 Configuring Server and Database Audit
Lecture 21 Data Discovery & Classification

Lecture 22 SQL Vulnerability Assessment
Section 5: Backup & Restore
Lecture 23 Introduction
Lecture 24 Understanding Recovery Models
Lecture 25 How to Perform Full Backups

Lecture 26 How to Perform Differential Backup
Lecture 27 Transaction log backups
Lecture 28 Performing Recovery
Lecture 29 Backup Strategies

Section 6: Automating Maintenance Routines
Lecture 30 What is SQL Server Job Agent
Lecture 31 Automating Processes with SQL Server Agent

Lecture 32 Configuring and Sending Database Mail
Lecture 33 Automating Database Backups
Section 7: Performance & Monitoring
Lecture 34 Reviewing SQL Server Logs

Lecture 35 Understanding how Dynamic Management Views Works
Developer,Database Administrator,I.T and Computer Science graduates,Aspiring Database Administrators

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