NET Unit Testing with AutoFixture

NET Unit Testing with AutoFixture

NET Unit Testing with AutoFixture


Automated tests can be time consuming to write and costly to maintain if every time you change the production code you must update all the tests.

In this course, .NET Unit Testing with AutoFixture, you’ll learn to how to use AutoFixture to automatically generate anonymous test data.

First, you’ll explore how to use AutoFixture to generate anonymous test data for both basic types and your own custom types.
Next, you’ll discover powerful ways to control and customize how AutoFixture generates anonymous test objects.
Finally, you’ll learn how to dramatically reduce the amount of test code you need to write by getting AutoFixture to also create the thing you’re testing and even automatically create mock dependencies.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of AutoFixture needed to write unit tests more quickly and easily.

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