Playmaker game development starting from Square One!

Playmaker game development starting from Square One!

Playmaker game development starting from Square One!

What you’ll learn

  • Beginners that have never used Unity or Playmaker will create their own room adventure game, setting up the foundation to make anything they imagine


  • Unity is free. You will need to purchase the Playmaker extension from Hutong Games. Student discounts are available


How is the Square One course structure better for novices?

Artists, storytellers, educators, or anyone will learn how to make a game with zero coding or development experience from start to finish. The course has been designed and paced for a complete programming novice that wants immediate hands-on instruction in a workshop-style presentation. Think a nerdy Bob Ross-type vibe without the hair. I’m bald. Something as complex as building a working video game can still be broken down to a “paint-by-numbers” pace in learning the daunting Unity production stage’s layout and features. But by the end of the second chapter “Modeling Basics”, you will be building walls, cubes, even an entire house floor layout without needing to look at the keyboard!

The core topic presented are:

  • High-level overview of the Unity interface and installation
  • Modeling Basics
  • Playmaker installation
  • Getting free models from the Unity Asset Store
  • Drag and Drop logic blocks, or FSM, introduction, and examples
  • Introduce FSM Jonathan’s “Shorthand”
  • Greyboxing – Building out our first game environment 
  • Triggers / doors – Adding logic to things that move or bite!
  • Blender import and animate – How to get help from the design community and incorporate it into your game
  • AI and pathfinding – Fixed or random walking paths, let’s get creatures a brain!
  • Health System – Introducing the concept of variables to keep score or a health value
  • User Interface Panel – The fullscreen overlay that displays our new score and health values
  • Building for PC play and Export to play on the Web

…all yielding a working multi-room adventure/puzzle game.

At the end of the series, you will be able to publish your game to play on the web or start your journey to becoming an Indie Game Developer!

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Unity and Playmaker novices will the desire to make games from scratch

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