SVS -Painting Texture and Detail

SVS -Painting Texture and Detail

SVS -Painting Texture and Detail

Finally – A Class Where Details Are Welcome!

You’ve probably heard art teachers and mentors telling their students to avoid committing to details too soon -”general to specific”…and often in critiques you’ve probably been told that you got too caught up in the details or that your details are grabbing too much attention away from your focal point. Well – in this class we are going to focus on the details. Being able to understand the structure of different textures will help you create more convincing focal points in your work. Going through the exercises in this class will help you become a better painter in edge control, light and shadow, form, and color predictions.

 This is an advanced painting observation class that can be executed in either traditional or digital paint. You will be able to download a template to either print and paint on or work digitally in a program like Photoshop or on a tablet like iPad.

In this class you will learn:

  • Basic repeating structures found in most textures
  • How to draw and paint each simple structure
  • How to control and paint various edges
  • How to make basic color predictions
  • How to examine various textures and identify key features
  • How to paint textures and details

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