[Free] VMware HCX Fundamentals 2022 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

VMware HCX Fundamentals 2022

VMware HCX Fundamentals 2022

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Learn how to migrate hundreds of VMs between datacenters with VMware HCX!

What you’ll learn
HCX Architecture and Components
How to Deploy HCX from scratch
Different types of HCX migrations and how to pick the proper one
How to stretch networks between sites with HCX

Some basic vSphere experience is recommended

VMware HCX can be pretty complicated to install. It doesn’t have to be.If you’re looking forward to learning how to implement HCX and how to confidently work with it, you’ve found the right course.

VMware HCX is a workload mobility tool that makes moving Virtual Machines really easy. It supports a wide variety of features, such as migrating to other on-prem datacenters, migration waves, or moving VMs to the public cloud.

In addition to this, HCX introduces innovative features which help make migrations faster, more efficient, and more predictable. It does this through the use of things such as Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) – which allows you to migrate multiple VMs at the same time, non-disruptively.

HCX also supports the scheduling of migrations, which means you can begin replicating your VM files in advance of your scheduled maintenance window, and the actual VM switchover can occur during the maintenance window.Our VMware HCX Training help you learn how HCX migrations work, and most importantly, how to install VMware HCX.

Whether you’re considering using HCX yourself, or you are trying to help a customer use HCX to make their migrations easier – this is the course for you.Note: NSX experience is not required for this course, but it can be helpful. I recommend a basic NSX course prior to taking this one.Learning VMware HCX doesn’t have to be hard, join thousands of other students who have learned how to configure VMware HCX in just a few hours.

Who this course is for
Anyone wanting to learn about VMware HCX
Presales Engineers & Architects
Solutions Engineers

Professional Services engineers
Network Engineers
Virtualization Engineers & Architects

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