[Free] Wrapping Your Head Around Go (Golang) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Wrapping Your Head Around Go (Golang)

Wrapping Your Head Around Go (Golang)

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This course will enhance your knowledge of Go, its architecture, libraries, and implementation.

What you’ll learn
A Quick Introduction to Go
Go Control Flow
Data Types

Functions in Go
Go Packages and Programs
Composite Types

Methods, Interfaces, and Objects
Data IO in Go

Reading and Writing Streams
Basic Go knowledge is helpful but not required

Welcome to this course. Go (or Golang) is a statically typed programming language developed at Google. It has moved from the state of tentative to mass adoption. Its C-like speed, simplicity, and power for a growing number of systems level programming domains make it an attractive option for programmers working with older cumbersome, statically typed languages. Golang has entered the space as an entirely viable language for accomplishing a huge array of low level programming and service infrastructure tasks. Known for its vast standard library, it also provides features such as garbage collection, type safety, dynamic-typing capabilities, and additional built-in types.

This course will serve as a reference while implementing Go features to build your own applications.This Go course helps you put into practice the advanced concepts and libraries that Golang offers. You will learn to develop high quality command-line tools that utilize the powerful shell capabilities and perform well using Go’s in-built concurrency mechanisms.

We start off by understanding the fundamentals of Go, followed by a detailed description of the Go data types, program structures and Maps. After this, you learn how to use Go concurrency idioms to avoid pitfalls and create programs that are exact in expected behavior.

Next, you will be familiarized with the tools and libraries that are available in Go for writing and exercising tests, benchmarking, and code coverage.In this course, you’ll learnA Quick Introduction to GoGo Control FlowData TypesFunctions in GoGo Packages and ProgramsComposite TypesMethods, Interfaces, and ObjectsConcurrencyData IO in GoReading and Writing Streams

Section 1: Welcome
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Getting started

Lecture 2 Introduction
Lecture 3 Hello Go!
Lecture 4 Learning Go Tools

Lecture 5 Understanding Go Variables
Lecture 6 Understanding Go Control Structures
Lecture 7 Understanding Go Functions

Lecture 8 Understanding Go Pointers
Lecture 9 Understanding HTTP File Server
Lecture 10 Learning Slices

Lecture 11 Learning Maps
Lecture 12 Learning JsonParser
Lecture 13 Learning Go Types

Lecture 14 Learning Go Interfaces
Lecture 15 Learning Go Markdown
Lecture 16 Learn About Building Packages

Lecture 17 Learn About Go Templates
Lecture 18 Learn About Concurrency
Lecture 19 Learn About Go routines

Lecture 20 Understanding Channels
Lecture 21 Understanding Select
Lecture 22 Understanding JobQueue
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