Udemy – Protein secrets for athletes

Udemy Protein secrets for athletes

Udemy – Protein secrets for athletes

What you’ll learn
* What is Protein and Protein function in human body.
* Why adequate protein intake so important.
* Recognize complete and incomplete proteins.
* Will be able to identify protein types and their respective sources.
* Able to measure leucine content of protein sources.
* Recommendation of daily protein intake specific to strength and endurance sports.
* Learn how to plan your diet to get all essential amino acids to initiate muscle protein synthesis minerals from your food, understand circumstances when you need protein supplements.
* Protein timing. Pre-,Post exercise protein intake
* Understand in what circumstances you need protein intake during exercise.
* Pre-sleep protein intake recommendations.
* How to choose good quality supplement, read and understand supplement labels.

You will learn what are proteins and their role in athletes health and performance.

Course will cover subjects such as what are good source of natural proteins, when and how to take protein supplements, how to choose good quality supplements.

You will become more aware and knowledgeable by enrolling today!

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