VFX for Motion – School of Motion – CoursesGhar Free Download

VFX for Motion – School of Motion – CoursesGhar Free Download

VFX for Motion will teach you the art and science of compositing as it applies to Motion Design. Prepare to add keying, roto, tracking, matchmoving and more to your creative toolkit.

Visual Effects for Motion Designers

Some of the coolest work in the industry blurs the line between Motion Design and Visual Effects. This class will teach you to move between both worlds, using advanced compositing techniques to add another dimension to your work.


Mark Christiansen

Mark Christiansen has dedicated his career to creativity, experience design, mentorship and allowing artists to refine their craft. He is responsible for the After Effects Studio Techniques series of books which helped launch a generation of visual effects artists. Mark is a regular contributor to LinkedIn Learning and is responsible for developing the Cinefex for iPad app via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Currently, Mark is the Creative Director at Verses.io.


  • How to develop a “good eye” for compositing
  • How cameras and eyeballs are different
  • Technical gotchas you’ll deal with as a compositor
  • Ways to break down shots for roto
  • How to approach manual rotoscoping
  • Matching roto’d elements to a new shot
  • After Effects’ Keylight keyer
  • Combining multiple keys
  • Troubleshooting tough keys
  • Nodes vs Layers
  • Project Organization
  • Point and Planar tracking
  • Paint and clean-up
  • FG Element Integration
  • Creating effect stacks
  • Mimicking a “look”
  • Using FX element footage
  • VFX Reel best-practices
  • How to market your new skills
  • Comping 3D elements into footage
  • Dealing with lens distortion
  • Advanced integration techniques
  • How to approach a tough composite
  • Advanced tracking and integration
  • See what you’re made of
  • Extended Critique Period

Don’t Learn Alone

Our student community is welcoming, diverse, and growing rapidly.


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