Watercolor Essentials Tone And Values Made Simple

Watercolor Essentials Tone And Values Made Simple

Watercolor Essentials Tone And Values Made Simple

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Do you wonder how some paintings have that ‘three-dimensional’ feel and depth that a photograph has? Sometimes through a painting, you can feel that you’re right there in the moment! Getting the right tones or values will prevent you from creating flat and dull paintings. In this class, I’ll help you understand how to create depth and ambiance through the use of light and dark colors.
Tone or value is the essential component in any form of drawing and painting. It allows the expression of detail, time, and place. For example, a night scene will have many dark tones contrasted with lighter ones, whilst a beach scene will have mainly lighter tones contrasted with a few darker tones.

In this class, you’ll learn the essentials of tone, and how to apply simple principles and techniques to sketch and paint 10 different watercolor scenes.

This class is aimed towards beginners with 10 demonstrations which I’ll help guide you through step-by-step. There are scans, drawing, and tracing templates included as well for each demonstration to help you transfer your drawing over quickly and easily. You can follow along to my real-time drawing and narration videos for all of these demonstrations.

In this class, I explain every technique I use while I’m painting, such as using watercolor to paint petals on a flower. I’ll also discuss color choices, and the strength and specific mix of pigment I am using to help you get the right tones. If you have a pencil, some watercolor paints, and paper, then you’re ready to go. In this class, I will cover basics such as:

  • How to sketch simple scenes in pencil, and how to use watercolor to imply light, shade, and mood with a variety of colors.
  • Materials – what paints, paper, brushes, and pens you will need.
  • The theory and basic principles behind tone or value.
  • Understanding light sources and how to paint realistic shadows.


  • How to sketch easily by simplifying a subject into basic shapes, using a combination of loose and accurate drawing styles.
  • Hands-on lessons on essential watercolor techniques such as wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry.
  • How to paint backgrounds and use contrast combined with striking color combinations.

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